How to Apply Reverse Logistics in Your Company?

The logistical process does not always end when the customer receives the items he ordered. Returns and disposal of packaging and products after the life cycle are also the responsibility of the companies. For these cases, it is necessary to establish reverse logistics, that is, the return of materials from the consumer’s hands to the organization.

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What is Reverse Logistics?

The logistics permeate the entire cycle of a product, making the flow from raw materials to delivery of customer goods. The process involves several steps, such as transportation, storage, and distribution. This happens linearly when the order is closed when it reaches the hands of the consumer. However, there are, for example, cases in which returns occur, and it is necessary to think of a return route.

It is also necessary to consider the destination of the discarded materials. This can happen through ecological disposal or reuse. Companies must take responsibility for the disposal of the generated waste. 

In all of these situations, what happens is called reverse logistics. Such a scenario requires the business to quickly reorganize its chain. Then, the flow starts to run in the opposite direction of the traditional one – the reason for the name “reverse” -, returning the item to the organization. Therefore, after-sales and post-consumption actions must be present in the logistics management of your company. 

How to Apply Reverse Logistics?

Below, we have separated some recommendations capable of assisting the application of reverse logistics in your business.

Return, exchange, and disposal policy

By establishing an efficient policy, customers, suppliers, and tenants will know exactly what to do when a return or exchange is requested. In the same way, people will be well informed about the correct disposal of packaging and waste and can multiply the information. The standard will be a guide for the business.

At the same time, all company employees need to be trained on the process. Upon receiving the knowledge, they will make the flow go smoothly in the organization. In short: it is necessary to plan the policy and the work process to then disseminate the practices.

Financial and quality control

Sometimes the company must refund the amount paid by the customer on an order. This is a standard procedure in cases of return. However, if the business does not carry out the financial control correctly, it will not be able to make the reimbursement or bear other expenses imposed by reverse logistics. 

Therefore, bet on a reliable and competent professional for the task. Also, consider the support of a consultant.

Problems in products that lead to his return to the company require quality analysis to discover the root of the occurrence. Does the situation involve a one-off case or the whole lot? Think about how to fix the cause and move on. 

Service channel

People like to be heard. Even if all contact information for returning or disposing of materials is in supporting materials that accompany the product, some customers will have questions about how to act. In this case, the solution is to train a team to serve them, informing them what they must do in each situation. You can be sure that consumer satisfaction will increase with this.

Partnerships that carry out reverse logistics

If you are going to outsource the transport of products with at transport, for example, choose the one that is the authority in the market and that is qualified to do reverse logistics. Thus, you save resources and can rest assured that you have confidence in those who have the appropriate expertise to transport returned items or waste.

Reverse logistics brings many benefits to your company. In addition to the legal adequacy, it guarantees cost reduction (recycling), competitive advantage (sustainable engagement), and improved brand awareness towards society. 

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