How To Transport Vehicles By Road?

The motor sector is one of the most important in the USA. That is why it is not surprising that many companies and individuals need a professional road vehicle transport service every day.

For example, to move new vehicles from factories to dealerships, to send a second-hand car to a buyer, or to take it to a trusted workshop when it has suffered a breakdown on the road. In these and other cases, it is. It is essential to have professionals dedicated to the transport of vehicles, as is the case of RCC Auto Transport , a leading company in the sector where we have more than thirty years of experience.

Ways to Transport Vehicles By Road

There are different ways to carry out a professional transport of vehicles by road in the USA.

The ways of transporting vehicles are mainly the following: 

  • Cranes: how we explain in our post Different ways of transporting cars in the USA, it is one of the most used machines to move cars professionally due to its versatility and small size, which allows it to access not very wide spaces. There are cranes of various classes that adapt to the characteristics of each vehicle’s transport.

Vehicle transporters: indeed, you have seen imposing double-decker trucks loaded with cars many times on the road. These are vehicle transport trucks, which, by carrying out grouped loads, reduce the transfer cost.

The most convenient method to use in car transport will depend on the budget and route.

At RCC Auto Transport, we adapt to your needs and budget, using the most appropriate vehicle transport method for each case.

Transportation Of Vehicles Of All Kinds

It does not matter what type of vehicle you need to transport. In We transport your car, in addition to cars, vans, and motorcycles, we also take care of moving machinery to any geographical point you need and at all times.

To transport tractors and other agricultural vehicles, we have trucks and specialized personnel. With us, everything will go smoothly! In the next point, we explain step by step how to hire your door to door auto transport and how we do it.

This Is How We Transport Vehicles By Road

The process of transporting vehicles with us is pretty simple and transparent. It all starts with hiring the service in just a few steps. We make it that easy for you:

  • Calculate your budget through the web form providing primary data. You will get it immediately!
  • Complete the additional information necessary to assess your order and confirm that your data is correct.
  • Choose your preferred option among the various alternatives that we offer, consider your needs, and later … hire the service!

It’s that easy and fast! Once you have contracted your vehicle transport service with us, the process is as follows:

  • We call you at the telephone number you have provided us to specify and organize the transport of the vehicle.
  • We pick up your car at the address and date that you have indicated.
  • We deliver your car to the designated destination and, of course, on time and within the deadlines.

For your absolute peace of mind, our national vehicle transport service includes comprehensive insurance. In this way, from the moment your vehicle is loaded by our company, any hypothetical damage it may suffer during transport is covered by the policy. In addition, we keep you informed in real-time throughout the process of transferring your vehicle from its origin to its destination. 

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